Mr. Rishi Maharaj



Having worked within the Public Sector in a senior technical capacity for the last eight (8) years, Mr. Maharaj has gained in-depth insight into the operation of the Public Sector, both from an administrative and technical perspective.

A holder of a BSc. and MSc. in Government from the University of the West Indies, Mr. Maharaj is employed in the Ministry as the Director of the Research Policy and Planning Unit. He has also acquired practical knowledge in the conceptualisation and implementation of strategies to overcome organisational, policy, legislative and structural constraints as it relates to realisation of the organisations strategic objectives.


Among several of his accomplishments include:   

  •  Country Expert on the “Varieties of Democracy” Project conducted by the University of Gothenburg and the Kellogg Institute for International Studies
  •  Collaborated with Syntegra Change Architects of Trinidad and Tobago on paper presented at UNCTAD conference entitled “Corporate Governance Disclosure in Trinidad and Tobago”;
  •  Passage and partial proclamation of the Data Protection Act No. 12 of 2011;
  •  Drafting of model legislation on Freedom of Information and Data Protection through the International Telecommunications Union HIPCAR Project;
  •  Advising the Ministry of Trade and Industry and IGovtt on areas relating to privacy protection as it related to the SEW Project and other related ICT Projects
  •  Development of organizational structure and processes for the Office of the Information Commissioner;
  •  Development of the Strategic Plan for the Ministry of Information;
  •  Co-Project Lead for the design and implementation of the One Stop Shop model ttconnect Service Centres.